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Author: AdminDate: 2022-07-25 16:07:08

A special @eduuzuniversalbot has been launched for applicants
In it, you can easily find the following information that is most important to you.

✅ Examination Courses -2022;
✅ Admission quotas - 2022 (daytime, evening, part-time, remote);
✅ Passing points - 2021 (in the section of regions, directions).

✅ Examination Courses -2022;
✅ Admission quotas - 2022
✅ Passing marks - 2021 (in the HEI section).

✔️ Pass scores for 2022 for transferring studies from foreign and non-state HEIs;
✔️You can find out information about professional educational institutions and academic lyceums, admission quotas for admission to them in the 2022/2023 academic year, and the range of subjects.

☝️@eduuzuniversalbot has many more features that we have not listed.