With you, Navruz, the world will be illuminated with light!

Every year, our people greet with special joy the world of Navrozi, which embodies our ancient and noble values, fully demonstrating the life and renewal occurring in mother nature and the human psyche.

A festive sayil was held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Andijan Mechanical Engineering Institute under the motto “With you, Navruz, the world will be illuminated with light!”

The event began to the sounds of melodious songs. The institute's courtyard and festive stage are decorated with bright flowers and balloons.

The rector of the institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences Umid Turdialiev opened this solemn holiday, congratulated everyone on the upcoming Navruz and expressed his best wishes.

Also, veteran teachers and professors who took part in the elections emphasized that the peace and tranquility of our independent land is the greatest wealth.

During the event, all groups of the faculty organized an exhibition dedicated to national traditions and values. The festive table was decorated, spring dishes, pastries and sweets were served.

At the event, organized in the style of a unique creative competition, the team’s attitude to our national traditions was assessed by the jury. At the festive table, the groups with the most votes were awarded with souvenirs.

Folk songs, olan-u lapar, national songs were performed by the creative team of the faculty. During the festive season, the soup was cooked in a pan and added to sumac.


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