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Name Isakdjonova Sevarkhon Suleymanovna
Position Head of department
Reception days Monday 9:00-17:00
Thursday 9:00-17:00
Telephone +99893 210-41-51
Email Sevaraisaqjonovna@gmail.com

Purpose and archive of office and department

- Decrees, Resolutions of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Higher Education, Orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, Resolutions of the Board, immediately submitted to the Rector for signature, followed by Vice-Rectors, to the lim chiefs and to ensure that they are carried out.

- Provision of monitoring information on the implementation of the decisions and orders of the Board on all assignments of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, maintenance of control cards. Submit to the rector for signature, then to the vice-rector, heads of departments and ensure their implementation.

- Targeted study of the implementation of the adopted documents on the higher education system. Enforcement of the Law on Citizens 'Appeals, registration of citizens' appeals to the authorities. Distribute to relevant departments and monitor implementation on a regular basis.

- Maintain application logs and checklists in accordance with the law.

- Acceptance of board decisions, orders, modems and letters received by e-mail of the institute through the portal of the Ministry, submission to the rector's signature and delivery to the appropriate places.

- Require all departments of the Institute to keep records, submit applications and reports on them.

- Registration of citizens who came to the reception of the rector of the institute.

Supervise the implementation of tasks of higher organizations in the institute in order to strengthen executive discipline.

- Submit contact letters from the Ministry and other organizations to the rector for signature, and then deliver them to the appropriate places. Maintaining control cards, control over the execution of documents.

- Register and keep copies of correspondence prepared for other organizations.

- Decrees, Resolutions of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Higher Education, orders of the Ministries of Higher and Secondary Special Education and Agriculture, decisions of the Board delivery and ensuring that they are implemented.

- Require all departments to keep records, file citizens' applications and report on them.

- Ijro. go. Uz. Decrees, Resolutions of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Higher Education, orders and modems of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, decisions of the Board, letters from other organizations in electronic journals transfer

- APP. execution. Registration of outgoing letters in electronic journals through the electronic system uz.

- Ijro. go. Uz. control of executors through electronic system.

- Proper preparation of documents for the archive and control over their function before submission.

- Preparation of Control Cards for appeals received through the Virtual and Public Receptions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

- The main tasks of the methodological departmental archive are to prepare documents for acceptance, registration, storage, use and submission to state storage by the management of the institute and its structural units.

- The departmental archive in accordance with the tasks assigned to it:

- Receives, records and stores the documents of the Andijan regional department of archives and departments of the institute, completed and in the process of office work.

- Organizes and replenishes the scientific information apparatus, taking into account the consistency of the documents stored in the archives with the scientific information apparatus of the documents previously submitted for storage by the state;

- Provides fund serial numbers for collections and documents received in the archive:

Prepares documents for submission by the state for storage and submits them within the period specified in the Regulations on the National Archive Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan



Name: Abidova Muhayyo abidtaxirovna

Position: Archive director

Telephone: +99897 997-00-87

Email: muxayyo19711602@gmail.com


Name: Khodirov Dilraboxon Ibragimovna

Position: Archivist

Telephone: +998914907957


Name: Ibragimova Maxsuda Abduraximovna

Position: Manager

Telephone: +998911613606

Email: maqsudaxonimibragimova13@gmail.com


Name: Kurbanova Gavkharoy Turg'unboy qizi

Position: Caurier

Telephone: +998996427047

Email: gavharoyqurbonova@gmail.com