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Name Baynazarova Sultonxon Xoshimjonovna
Position Head of Human Resources
Reception days Monday 8:00-17:00
Thursday 8:00-17:00
Telephone (0374) 223-44-45
Email sultonxon.baynazarova@mail.ru

About the Human Resources department

Personnel department carries out its activities in accordance with the laws and decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Oliy Majlis, the Labor Code, the National Program of Personnel Training, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. The Personnel Department conducts in accordance with the Charter and the annual work plan of the Personnel Department, approved annually by the rector of the institute. The personnel department is an independent structural unit of the institute, which ensures the formation and implementation of a unified personnel policy. The department works in collaboration with the heads of departments and heads of departments, is responsible for solving the main task of human resource management - improving the efficiency of their use. The main tasks of the department are the development and implementation of a unified policy in the field of staffing, training, retraining and professional development of staff of the institute, the formation and training of human resources for management positions, proposals for optimizing the structure and staff of the institute. Participate in the development, ensure compliance with labor legislation in working with staff, create normal working conditions to improve the working capacity of employees of the institute and maintain a healthy morale in the team , introduction of new methods and advanced technologies in human resources, standardization and unification of personnel documents, improvement of personnel management processes based on the use of information technology tools.

The Human Resources Department of the Institute performs the following functions:

  • Selection of qualified, highly qualified, with deep professional knowledge, creative and scientific potential, high intelligence and morality for the process of training personnel meeting modern requirements in accordance with the "National Program of Personnel Training" with the leadership of the institute and heads of departments , recruitment;
  • draws up documents on employment, transfer and dismissal of professors, teaching assistants and administrative staff on the basis of employment contracts;
  • storage, replenishment of employment records, registration of personnel documents;
  • create vacation schedules and monitor its implementation;
  • create vacation schedules and monitor its implementation;
  • take into account incentive and reward information;
  • preparation of documents on employee benefits;
  • registration of business trips and preparation of orders for business trips;
  • formation and constant updating of the database of the institute's staff;
  • receive, maintain and store personal documents of students of the institute in all forms of education;
  • recording and reviewing student orders (admission, transfer, reinstatement, expulsion, incentives, etc.);keeping and archiving personal documents of graduates and expelled students in the prescribed manner;
  • registration, registration and delivery of diplomas to graduates;
  • submit monthly vacancy information to the district employment center.