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Name Akhmedov Azizbek Bakhodirovich
Position Head of Department
Reception days Monday 9:00-17:00
Thursday 9:00-17:00
Telephone +99890-525-71-78
Email irisazizbek81@gmail.com

The purpose of the Department of Education

The educational-methodical department has the authority to improve the educational process of the institute on the basis of advanced scientific achievements, to provide basic educational documents, to summarize the advanced achievements of faculties and departments in educational work.

The educational-methodical department pays great attention to the inclusion of all the necessary disciplines in the educational process in order for students to develop into modern, qualified specialists. Targeted study of the implementation of the adopted documents on the higher education system. Enforcement of the Law on Citizens 'Appeals, registration of citizens' appeals to the authorities. Distribute to relevant departments and monitor implementation on a regular basis.At the same time, it ensures consistency and coherence of curricula at all stages of training. Curricula include the integration of general and additional education, as well as bringing the content of teaching as close as possible to the needs of real life.

Tasks of the educational-methodical department

  • Improving the educational process of the institute on the basis of advanced scientific achievements, providing the structure of the institute with state educational standards and basic educational documents;
  • Planning and organizing the educational process at the institute;
  • Coordination of educational, methodical work of faculties and departments of the Institute;
  • Continuous improvement of normative and methodological documents in the management of the educational process;
  • Develop long-term plans for the development of education at the Institute and recommend them to the Academic Council of the Institute;
  • Summarize the advanced achievements of the faculties, departments and structures of the Institute in the educational process and apply them in the educational process of the Institute;
  • Ensuring compliance of the rating system of control and assessment of students' knowledge with the requirements of the Regulation;
  • Develop and implement a plan for retraining and advanced training of teachers;
  • Analysis of student attendance;
  • Ensuring the observance of academic discipline by faculty and students of the Institute;
  • Organization and analysis of current, intermediate, final control in all faculties and master's programs of the Institute;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of basic working documents in the department and dean's office;
  • Preparation of documents for the staffing of the Institute; control over the implementation of training loads;
  • Documenting part-time and part-time teachers, organizing and coordinating the distribution of part-time tuition;
  • To study the activities of the faculties and departments of the Institute on educational issues;
  • Organization of professor-teacher competition;
  • Introduce advanced foreign experience into the educational process;
  • Educational and methodological coordination of the activities of the academic lyceum.
  • The head of the educational-methodical department, supervisors, methodologists, dispatchers work.


Name: Тo'ychiyev Хusanboyoxir o'g'li

Position: chief specialist

Telephone: +99899-363-76-31

Email: husanboytoychiyev55@gmail.com

Name: Оtabayeva Gulmira Kamoldin qiz

Position: chief specialist

Telephone: +998914907957

Email: otaboyeva6343@gmail.com

Name: Nizomov Temurbek Isojon o'g'li

Position: chief specialist

Telephone: +99893-781-81-41

Email: temurbeknizomov@gmail.com

Name: Nizomov Jahongir Isojon o'g'li

Position: chief specialist

Telephone: +99895-027-81-41

Email: jon91nizomov@gmail.com

Name: Maxmudov Xayrullo Xasanjon o'g'li

Position: chief specialist

Telephone: +99890-303-00-38

Email: hayrullo303@gmil.ru

Name: Axmadjonov Odiljon Raxmatillo o'g'li

Position: chief specialist

Telephone: +99899-633-11-27

Email: axmadjonovodilbek509@gmil.com

Name: Vаliyev Durbеk Хаyotbек o'g'li

Position: Stylist

Telephone: +99890-545-89-89

Email: durbekvaliyev8989@gmai.com