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The accounting department of Andijan Institute of Mechanical Engineering operates in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, resolutions and orders of the Board of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education , decisions of the Board of the Institute and orders of the Rector, the Charter of the Institute and the Charter of the Accounting Department.

The purpose of the department is to create the necessary financial conditions for the effective operation of the institute and achieve high ratings, as well as to ensure the rational and efficient use of budget and extra-budgetary funds in order to strengthen the material and technical base of the institute. to achieve the approved plan (estimate) and within the limits, to develop proposals for further improvement of the current and future economic situation of the institute.

In accordance with the structure of the institute, the chief accountant reports directly to the rector of the institute and the vice-rector for financial and economic affairs. He is also subordinate to the Chief Accountant of the Ministry of Education and is responsible for the organization's accounting, timely and complete submission of financial statements and the implementation of the tasks set out in the regulations. The Deputy Chief Accountant keeps track of the work done with legal entities and individuals in the provision of services and procurement. The payroll department provides employees with a payroll based on a spreadsheet, opens a plastic card for them through a bank, and transfers personal pension contributions. The Scholarship Unit is responsible for calculating and paying scholarships to students based on the scholarship order. The department of material resources - the warehouse of the institute, keeps records of income and expenditure of material assets in charge of materially responsible persons, participates in the write-off of inventory. The treasury distributes cash received for wages and equivalent payments.


  • - maintains accounting in accordance with regulations, as well as organizes accounting using modern technical means and information technology;
  • - pre-controls the timely and correct preparation of accounting documents and the legality of transactions;
  • - regularly monitors the proper use of budget funds, as well as extra-budgetary funds for specific purposes provided for in the cost estimates, as well as the integrity of cash and valuables;
  • - organizes the calculation of salaries and equivalent payments of employees in the organization, as well as student scholarships in educational institutions in the prescribed manner and in a timely manner;
  • - timely performs settlements with legal entities and individuals arising in the course of budget execution;
  • - participates in the inventory of cash, accounts and tangible assets, as well as other assets and liabilities, timely and accurately records the results of the inventory and reflects them in the accounting records;
  • - organizes explanatory work with the responsible persons on the maintenance and maintenance of the integrity of the material assets under their responsibility;
  • - controls the accounting and proper use of power of attorney issued for the acquisition of property;
  • - prepares and submits financial statements in a timely manner;
  • - ensures regular monitoring of the integrity of fixed assets and other tangible assets in their places of storage and use;
  • - keeps accounting documents, accounting registers;
  • - informs the rector of the institute in writing in order to take appropriate measures in case of detection of illegal actions by officials;
  • - the chief accountant defines the duties of the accounting department for each employee;
  • - ensures the performance of other duties provided by law.

Main responsibilities of the Deputy Chief Accountant:

  • - reports to the chief accountant of the institute in accordance with the staffing table;
  • - keeps records of work performed with legal entities and individuals on services and procurement;
  • - controls and formalizes the movement and write-off of inventory;
  • - issues a power of attorney to the merchant and carries out his control;
  • - keeps records of work performed on invoices and draws up comparative acts;
  • - prevents the excess of inventory and checks the material assets of those responsible;
  • - keeps track of business contracts;
  • - directs the movement of funds allocated from the state budget for the implementation of the budget, pension funds and research projects;
  • - prepares monthly and quarterly reports on inventories;
  • - records each account in the general ledger on a monthly basis;
  • - prepares summary reports for the quarterly and annual reports of the institute;
  • - Performs tasks assigned by the chief accountant.

The main tasks of the 1st category accountant:

  • - includes in the program the orders issued by the staff and faculty;
  • - ensures that employees are paid on a spreadsheet basis;
  • - accepts applications for plastic cards and delivers them to the bank;
  • - at the end of the year, provide the tax inspectorate with information on the salaries of employees working on a part-time basis;
  • - makes deductions on the basis of applications of employees;
  • - compiles and submits to the bank a register of amounts to be transferred to plastic cards on a monthly basis;
  • - compiles a register of personal pension contributions and submits it to the People's Bank;
  • - forms a monthly survey of working retirees on the basis of a pension assignment and submits it to the branch of the Extrabudgetary Pension Fund of the Ministry of Finance;
  • - performs tasks assigned by the chief accountant and deputy chief accountant.