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Information resource center

Name: Mamatov Rasuljon Sobirjonovich
Position: Director
Reception Time: Monday 14:00-17:00
Saturday 14:00-17:00
Telephone: +99891 612-30-06
E-mail: r.mamatov@andmiedu.uz

Information resource center - ARM was established in 1976. According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 20, 2006 No. PQ-381 "On the organization of information-library provision for the population of the Republic", it was turned into an Information Resource Center.

The total area of the information-resource center is 900 square meters, it consists of 8 classrooms and 5 branches, and it can serve a total of 200 readers. Sales points are located in Jalalabad district. Users are served by the following sections:

  • Section of scientific methodical information and periodicals
  • Section of collection, cataloging and systematization of information library resources
  • Section of information and library resource services (including subscription services, reading rooms and book storage)
  • Section of Electronic Information Resources
  • Office of Foreign Information Library Resources

Currently, 172,284 copies of 50,451 titles of textbooks, as well as 56 titles of newspapers and magazines are available in the IRC fund, which are enjoyed by 3,972 users. There are 22,261 copies of textbooks, 74,667 copies of textbooks, 10,175 copies of scientific and popular literature, 10,904 copies of fiction and 17,459 copies of other types of literature in the ARM fund. 36,818 of them are electronic resources of the electronic library database. The information resource center is equipped with 63 modern monoblocks, 2 info kiosks, 2 high-speed scanners, 4 copiers, and 2 Smart TVs. The center is fully equipped with air conditioners and provides all amenities for readers. The fund of the center is replenished not only with traditional books and periodicals, but also with new electronic information sources, audio and video lectures. 4,449 copies of literature provided by foreign partners and grant programs were handed over to the ARM Foundation. In order to provide high-quality service to students, the @andmiarm_bot channel and the LIBSENSE information-library system were launched on Telegram messenger.



Name: Qurbonova Dilfuza Muxtarovna

Position: Bo'lim boshlig'i

Telephone: +99891 612-52-54

E-mail: andmi-arm@umail.uz


Name: Batirova Muxtasar Ikromovna

Position: Bo'lim boshlig'i

Telephone: +99890 388-17-47

E-mail: batirovamuxtasar@gmail.com


Name: Oxunboeva Mutabar Numonjonovna

Position: Bo'lim boshlig'i

Telephone: +99890 547-42-28

E-mail: axunbayevamutabar@gmail.com


Name: Abdulxamidov Xojiakbar Ahmadullohoji o'g'li

Position: Bo'lim boshlig'i

Telephone: +998909914991

E-mail: abdulkhamidovkhojiakbar@gmail.com